Saturday, July 16, 2005

Digging for Dirt and Meet DQ

Maybe I'm just not an angry enough person. I can never find something worthy enough to bitch and complain about in detail. Sure I can comment on the humid weather we've been having lately and the fact that my Algebra prof suddenly went homework happy on us, but that's not the kind of material that makes for exciting reading. People want sweat, blood, and tears to be poured out over the page... or at least a bit about sex. Well, having my boyfriend 300 miles away certainly eliminates that topic. No one really wants to hear about happy shmabby revelations or the wonderful time I had today picnicing with my roomates in the serene and peaceful park that's our little secret. And to be honest, I won't really want to reread sappy entries about singing birds and light breezes on the old fashioned wooden swing. Thus, I certainly won't tell you about the card game we played where spoons are a must and subsituting plastic forks or knifes could even be dangerous.

On to more dramatic topics:
Since my life is currently relatively undramatic (except the fact that my boyfriend recently cursed out my brother and his girlfiend, but that doesn't make for that interesting of a story to be honest), I'll have to sink down to the level of a sneaky little bitch and talk about my friends behind their back.

I don't actually do that in life, but I do tend to keep a lot of things inside that I wish I could say outloud.

For example, my best friend who I met in 5th grade and have known for a looong loooong time - let's call her DQ for DelinQuent Drama Queen, is currently dating a man 12 years older than her who wants to have babies with her and get married. Now, I don't have an issue with the age gap or even the fact that he wants to take the relationship seriously. What I don't understand is how in the hell she can take him seriously.

The man is unemployed and has been for quite some time and he's so broke at this point that he can't afford subway fare on a regular basis and often doesn't have enough money to even feed himself. He's living with his sister and trying to get a job, but all the while he's talking to DQ about how much he would want to marry her and spend the rest of his life with her. They've known each other for about 2 months if that much.

He even asked her how she feels about abortion, what would she do if she got pregnant at this point in her life, and so on. I'm thinking, "GET THE HELL AWAY FROM HIM". This man literally can't feed himself, yet he's talking to you about children. But my dear friend DQ says, "Oh I know he wouldn't do that, he's not that type of person." Really dear? Because you know him so goddamn well! This is a man who fucked up his life by doing so much pot that he coudn't stay in school. Though of course he regrets it all now that he's "older and wiser".

I'm not saying you can't give people a second chance in life, but at the same time you need to be realistic. Don't fall for a man who you know from the jump doesn't take shit seriously enough. Yes, it is harder for him to get a job because he has a misdemeanor on his record, but it's not impossible. There are jobs out there and if he didn't feel like he was "too good" for certain types of work he would be able to feed himself and have enough money for subway fare to be able to make it to interviews for other job opportunities. It's one thing if he can afford to take some time off and really look for a good job because he has savings in the bank. But you just can't do that when you know that you're barely living from day to day.

DQ, please, open your eyes. I know you like him and you like the fact that he likes you. I understand that you like the attention from men. Just be careful! I really don't think either of you can handle any babies right now.

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GrannyGrump said...

Yikes! DQ sure can pick 'em!

A woman's not just a wo-wo-wo on a man. But sounds like DQ is having trouble grasping that. She'd be so much better off alone than with that millstone of a boyfriend around her neck!