Monday, March 07, 2011

Talking to Myself

Note to future-self:
Once you ACTUALLY start thinking and working on that paper you've been putting off - it's interesting! The actual process of writing the paper and finding the info and putting it all together is NOT boring, it's NOT annoying, it's NOT hard and lame. Why are you putting off starting? There's nothing difficult about this process and nothing worth being anxious about. God, stop procrastinating.

A note from your past-self that's currently in the middle of writing a paper that's turning out to be so awesomely fun. The only sucky part is that your past-past self procrastinated way too long and now I have to RUSH through this process because the paper is due tomorrow!! Future-self, unless you really want to screw over your future-future-self, you should start doing that thing that you've been procrastinating on. Start NOW. Do it Now! Start coding up that project! Work on your project report. RIGHT NOW. Stop reading Charlie Sheen quotes and DO IT NOW!