Saturday, February 25, 2012

No Book!

"No book!"  He throws the book on the couch.
"No airplane!"  He knocks the toy plane off the table.
"No!"  He swings his arms wildly attempting to hit something, someone, anyone in the way.
And he's not even in a bad mood; Just his usual response to a suggestion to do something he doesn't feel like doing.  The suggestion was for a book, but the plane and any other bystanders are all just collateral damage in his short-lived, but extremely typical outburst.
He's 2 yrs 2months old - so yes, I guess you can say it's terrible twos.  But I don't want to just write it off as typical behavior, because I don't want to become complacent.  I want to make sure that when it's time for him to start school, he will be ready; socially, emotionally ready.
I don't get to objectively observe him for long periods of time as much as I would like - mostly just on the weekends.  Well, who are we kidding?  I don't ever "objectively" observe him.  How can anyone ever be objective about their own child?  So the best I can do is write down my notes about the happenings of late, with the hopes that it will help me take a step back at times and re-asses if I'm doing the best that I can to help my child learn about himself and the environment and how he can best achieve what he wants in life.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

I'm jinxing myself as I write this, BUT - Cloud has gone to sleep for the last 3 nights without needing me to stand over his crib.  No more standing there,  with my arm in the crib, afraid to move a muscle for fear of waking him as he starts to doze off.

Also! We may be applying to Montessori sometime very soon.  I may be insane for trying this, given that Cloud is NOT an example of peace, focus, concentration, and quiet.  But god damn it, I'm willing to give it a shot and I just hope the teachers are willing to work with him.  He's highly distractable and I'm hoping the peaceful atmosphere will help him concentrate.

Though now that I think about it, complete and utter quiet actually makes it really hard for me personally to concentrate, and in many ways he's a lot like me.  Except that I was not nearly as hyperactive as he seems to be at times.  Aaaaahhh.  I hope it works out.